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About Us

ŞDL ZİNCİR, under the leadership of our founder Hüseyin Hamdi ŞEDELE, established a manufacturing and sales point in Ostim in 1997 with the aim of expanding Turkey-wide tire protective chain service and market share as a LASZIRH group company and family company. In line with its growth and investment targets, as a result of restructuring in 2001, Ankara İvedik sales store, Diyarbakır branch in 2003, Kırıkkale Factory in 2007, Denizli branch in 2008 and finally ZİNCIRSEPETİ factory, increasing its production, sales and service speed, in 8000 m2 closed and 13000 m2 open area. It has gained the position it deserves in the foreign market with its dominance in the domestic market, especially in tire protective chains, skid chains, non-explosive tire systems and load chain manufacturing, and worldwide sales in exports. Mehmet BARIM, one of the partners of the company, has been serving as the General Manager since 2001.

All stages such as special alloy raw materials, finished product chains, hot forging, sandblasting, molding room, heat treatment, quality control, painting, packaging are carried out by experienced technical personnel in the production facilities, and quality control is constantly monitored with tensile, rupture and elongation tests in its own laboratories. It has patent, trademark registration, patent certificate, industrial design right, model certificate and ISO 9001 – TSE 663 certificates in manufacturing products.

ŞDL ZİNCİR-LASZIRH, which exports to more than 60 countries in 5 continents, in addition to Kırıkkale factory, Istanbul factory sales, Diyarbakır and Denizli branches, has been entitled to receive numerous export success awards, tax record holders, TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB R&D Project supports and continues to innovate. has adopted the principle of doing.

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