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GRADE Bicycle Lock

GRADE Bicycle and Scooter Locks/Chains with SD-L Guarantee at Your Service.

Security and Durability Combined: Special Design Bicycle and Scooter Lock

If you're looking for excellent protection for your bicycle or scooter, here's the perfect solution: the Special Design Bicycle and Scooter Lock. This lock's strong alloy steel chain provides robust protection against cutting and theft.


- Strong Steel Chain: A 5mm thick alloy steel chain ensures durability against cutting attempts.

- Length Options: Available in two lengths: 80cm and 120cm, providing suitability for different sizes of vehicles.

- Combination Lock: No keys required, enhances security with an easy-to-use combination locking system.

- Weather-Resistant Coating: Specially designed fabric coating enhances durability against tough weather conditions, making it suitable for use in your garage or outdoor settings.

- Versatile Usage: Provides excellent protection not only for bicycles but also for scooters and motorcycles.


- Security: The strong steel chain and combination lock protect your vehicle against theft, allowing you to park with peace of mind.

- Ease of Use: No need for keys, it's extremely user-friendly with the combination locking system.

- Durability: Weather-resistant fabric coating and high-quality materials ensure a long-lasting product.

This special design bicycle and scooter lock helps you securely protect your vehicles in closed garages or open spaces. Discover how this strong, durable, and user-friendly lock provides all the features you need to keep your valuable vehicle safe.

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