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GRADE Motorcycle Lock

GRADE Motorcycle Locks with Unbreakable/Cut-Resistant Chains, Backed by SD-L Guarantee, at Your Service.

Introducing the new extra-hardened motorcycle lock proudly offered as the sole official dealer of VIRO in Turkey:

Domestic Production GRADE Motorcycle Lock:

Proudly presenting as the sole official VIRO dealer in Turkey: The domestic production GRADE brand motorcycle lock! Our new extra-hardened lock is equipped with a specially heat-treated 10mm chain and protected by a weather-resistant woven patterned casing.

Our product is available in 1.5-meter and 2-meter length options. The chain weight is 2kg per square meter, ensuring an excellent balance between security and portability.

We offer the opportunity to test and cut the product. If you cut or break our GRADE brand product, or if you are not satisfied for any reason, you can return it.

Feel the security of Unbreakable/Cut-Resistant Lock with GRADE brand motorcycle lock and trust in the quality of VIRO!

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