M1000 with V-bars - Truck - Bus

M1000 with V-bars

For buses and trucks, Special design

For buses and trucks, snow-covered roads can create dangerous driving conditions. Therefore SDL chains were designed for reliability, stability and easy mounting in tough outdoor conditions

• A pair in fabric bag (2pc) • V bar studded link, superior traction, grip and braking safety. • Copper/Zinc plated, hardened alloyed steel. • Wear and tear resistance, manganese alloy, hardened special steel. • Designed for harsh winter conditions. • Rubber tensioning included • TSE EN 663, AFAQ ISO 9001, IQ Net Quality Certificates

• 8 mm twisted, 7 mm “V” bar stud chain • Chain for difficult driving conditions • Light and handy chain for fairly powerful vehicles and long distances • Useful for trailer wheels as well


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