Mointing & Spare Parts - Spare Parts & Installation

Mointing & Spare Parts


  • The chain is layedona flat surface, in front of tyre as the working face will be downwards.
  • The tension chain is hooled like "U" to furter come is of the chain.
  • The tyre is dreved on to the chain furter to the and.
  • "U" şeklindeki gerdirme zinciri lastiğin bir dişine tutturulur ve makina geriye sürülerek zincir lastiğe sarılmaya başlanır.
  • After a complete tour of tyre, when the tips of the chain come together, the tension chain is put of.
  • The rings at the two tips of chain is locked to each other with "repair links".
  • The tension chain is drawed the guide rings one by one at the outher side of tyre.
  • Tension chain is lengthened to the bucket byan other chain or by a steel rope as secure as possible and it is began to tension very by using bucket, fill there would be no looseness in front and at the sides of the chain.
  •  After it is tensioned enough ( just a small bag in the direction of moving ) the spare part of the tension chain is passed through the guide rings and hanged one of them by shacle.
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